Memories made on

Devon’s summer shore- we watch

the giggling waves…




Let’s re-learn how to bounce

after wiping out on a board

find the indestructible super hero

we never lost but kept stored

and hidden behind the years which passed.

Let’s ask the questions we’ve never asked,

too scared of looking like we don’t know what

we’re doing, which happens all too much

but is said all too few, and let’s put pva glue

on our hands, let it dry and peel it off

because we know that was fun.

Let’s run for running’s sake, chasing the horizon

let’s smile without thinking about what we’ve laid our eyes on

which triggered that smile. Let’s not censor laughs.

Let’s ride trolleys down a super market aisle,

and climb trees with beckoning branches and trunks

-let’s eat cake not in neat slices, but in handful chunks.

Let’s make forts in our gardens from twigs and leaves

Let’s go home in the evening with mud on our sleeves,

in our hair, on our shoes, and our faces-

Let’s raise our eyes once in a while and fill them with space,

imagining aliens and creatures which we forgot with time which took us-

Let’s lose ourselves in the pages, the worlds of corner-dwelling books.

Let’s dance when we hear good music- regardless of ability

Let’s try handstands and cartwheels ignoring our self-proclaimed fragility.

Let’s wrap ourselves in bubblewrap, but in the literal sense

– for fun not defence.

Let’s unlearn some of the things

which time has tried to teach,

in spite of our grasp of limitation,

let’s re-learn how to reach.