First surf of the season

Riding rushing waves

the rumble and crash- feeling

beyond compare – bliss!



6 thoughts on “First surf of the season

    • Thank you! Yeah, as much as possible (and not very well), but it’s one of the things I love the most 🙂 …so first one of the season was pretty special. Do you surf?

      • Oh goodness no, I don’t surf! Can’t even swim–but it’s amazing to watch surfing–what fine balance you must have! I really enjoyed the movie, “Soul Surfer”–great story, and the photography and scenes of surfing were marvelous. I liked the music too–so I guess only the shark bit was distressing, but it was very inspiring overall.

      • That’s understandable- it sounds like you have a real appreciation for all things watery, though 🙂 I haven’t seen ‘Soul Surfer’, but am intrigued by it, now- thank you for the recommendation! There’s another brilliant film called ‘North of the Sun’, which is phenomenal- both the content and the images- you may enjoy it. Am trying to improve balance- there’s a long way to go, but love every step of the way 🙂

      • I do love all things ocean/sea–from the safety of the shore–there’s so much romance, power and reverence attached to it. Thanks for the movie tip–is it new or old, shown on cable TV, or do I need to rent it?

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