A potential submission

Heyy people! I’m submitting this one to (hopefully and potentially) be put in a book in the big, wide world ‘out there’.  Any and all thoughts are welcome and very much appreciated:

Chiselled silhouettes stark on

blue hues and dusky pinks

as twilight prinks the horizon

over this old road, traversed and travelled

by wandering wheels and feet replete

in dreams of freedom –

now trammelled and constraining.

Neon warnings, refraining further

exploration for those eyes whose gaze is

glazed and gilded with a focus

on the beyond, hearing the delectable call of adventure

now muted, unable to respond-

closing the paths to curious footsteps

yearning to descend from the highways

and motorways to dawdle

and stray – not lost, but found

in undetermined lines.

Now seems to be the time

to ignore the signs,

nurturing the seeds of escape you

sowed in your crossroad mind,

forging a way to call yours-

an experiment in off-roading.


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