Printing Press Haiku

In the printing press

words sit ready, hoping to

make an impression.


Thank you to a friend for the photo.


5 thoughts on “Printing Press Haiku

  1. You need to put some sort of title on your posts. The new version of WordPress doesn’t show your photo and without pressing “Comment” it is impossible to open your posts. Just a suggestion. If you don’t want a title you could simply use the date or a number, as some others do.

    It would be a shame to miss such good work for want of a mouse click 🙂

      • I’m not sure if it enables the photo to appear, but it does make it easier to click on your post and see the whole thing. The new version of Reader only shows the first few lines. If your photo is at the bottom, as yours is, then most people will not see it, which is a shame. At least with a title you give people something to click on, because that’s the natural place to point the mouse.

        You have some great work on your blog. It would be a shame for people to miss it.

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